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1973 Constitution: A Guiding Light

A spectacular turnout at MMA’s Lahore million man march shows the nation is ready for moving ahead to throw the illegal ruler of Pakistan general Musharraf out of office. This is a second major political gathering arranged by MMA leadership in second largest city of Pakistan.


We may disagree with MMA’ religious political philosophy, but the message they are passing out pierces through the heart of Pakistan’s core issue: the supremacy of the constitution of Pakistan. They talked about making the constitution supreme in their Karachi as well as Lahore gathering.


We do not know how good MMA’s intentions about making the constitution supreme are, but they are hammering the nail on the head.


The constitution of Pakistan should be respected by all players including the armed forces. MMA should have kept the idea of supremacy of the constitution in mind while they were negotiating 17th amendment with the agents of illegal ruler of Pakistan. However, they claim their intention was to give a way out to general Musharraf.


The philosophy of giving a way out to outlaw generals who take over the country through military coup is flawed argument and the main reason to encourage them to come back time and again.  Nobody should give way out to any outlaw general. The article 6 of the constitution must be implemented with full force against all those who ever dare to violate the constitution.


If MMA wants to make the 1973 constitution supreme, the democratic forces should support their endeavor to do so. However, the political reality points in different direction. Apparently, certain democratic forces, disgruntled by MMA’s mistake to negotiate 17th amendment, reluctantly want to give latitude to general Musharraf to stay in power for a while.


This is not a right course of action. The democratic forces should become the part of the efforts that will help restore 1973 constitution. Anything achieved with the help of the people has more validity than anything achieved through give and take deals with constitutionally outlaw generals.


Therefore, we suggest to all those who seriously and sincerely want to democratize Pakistan they should look at the constitution of Pakistan as a guiding light and join hands with those who want to make it a supreme document. Once the writ of constitution takes place, Pakistan will come out of woods and start moving towards becoming a state with rule of law and functioning democratic institutions.



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