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Tony Blair's Wise Decision To Call International Conference on Terrorism

Right after 7/7 Pakistan Weekly suggested, United Nations should call an international conference on terrorism and try to determine the real reasons of terrorism and take necessary steps to end terrorism. Our suggestions included an international campaign against governments that support such governments which fan terrorism in their own territories and across their borders in other countries.  UN has not moved on this front, but UK Prime Minister has wisely decided to carry the ball and call such conference.


However, here is the problem with Prime Minister Tony Blair’s initiative. He has started talking about this conference by calling general Musharraf—a wrong guy to talk about such conference to begin with.


General Musharraf has time and again proved that he is not sincere enough in eliminating terrorism in his own country and around the globe.


Here is the test case.


Three former Pakistan Army generals, one of them former COAS, stated on ARY television that General Musharraf’s current Information Minister has been running terrorist training camp in Islamabad’s vicinity. Former prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif closed his terrorist training camp when former COAS, Mirza Aslam Beg, informed him about the camp.


The continuity of alleged Information Minister’s job after these allegations shows General Musharraf’s lack of sincerity about his commitment with war against terrorism. If General Musharraf were sincere about eliminating terrorism he would have immediately removed the alleged Information Minister form his job and start an inquiry about him. Since General Musharraf is not interested in eliminating terrorism, and Pakistan Weekly has stressed this point time and again, he did not take any action against his Information Minister.


Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Bush need to understand that terrorism problem is much deeper in Pakistan than General Musharraf’s eyewash actions taken against terrorists.


The religious groups carrying terrorist acts in Pakistan and around the globe were created by ISI. The list includes all those Pakistan based organizations which were blacklisted by the US government. After US government blacklisted them, General Musharraf also banned them in Pakistan, but they remained operative under different names. As a matter of fact, they are still continuing their criminal activities under different names. General Musharraf didn’t do enough to disband them. Why? Because, ISI, a government within government, is still interested in keeping them operative and the General doesn't have control over ISI.


If General Musharraf is sincere to end terrorism, and before Prime Minister Tony Blair calls an international conference on terrorism, General Musharraf should, and Prime Minister Tony Blair should rightfully demand, disband ISI or all those cells of ISI which created and operate these  groups.


Terrorism is a serious issue. Common people around the globe are losing their lives because of the bloody activities of terrorist groups. The people who died in gory events of 9/11, 7/7 Bali or Turkey were common folks and they lost their lives because terrorists picked those sites for committing  such heinous crimes.


Prime Minister Tony Blair Must hold international conference on terrorism, but we also need someone in Pakistan who is democratically elected, who seriously believes in rule of law, and who has legal and  moral authority along with genuine commitment to eliminate terrorism. A general who illegally took over Pakistan, who doesn’t believe in rule of law, and who is more interested in preserving terrorists instead of  eliminating them may not be of much help.



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