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Our Hats Off To Illiterate And Poor Pakistanis

Illiterate and poor Pakistanis are real life heroes.


They are neither hypocrites nor dishonest. They say what they see and do what is right.


All problems are with Pakistanis who hold higher positions or who are educated.


For example, Pakistan Army is the most organized and most powerful institution in the country, but Pakistani generals are the most corrupt, unlawful and hypocrite Pakistanis. Usually more stars a general have more corrupt, dishonest and unlawful he is.


Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Pakistan is the highest ranking army officer. He is a government employee, receives his salary from government exchequer—money collected from Pakistani tax payers.  He is usually the most corrupt man in Pakistan, because he commits, whenever he gets a chance, the most heinous crime. He over throws elected governments, suspends democratic institutions and violates the constitution and on the top lies to his nation and to the rest of the world.


Pakistan’s 99% percent problems are created by these corrupt, dishonest and unlawful generals.


Then there are judges.


Judges are supposed to be the men of conscience who part justice and hold a society together through fairness.


Pakistani judges are almost thugs. They protect criminals by giving unfair, unlawful and unjust judgments in their favor.


They are partners in crime with Pakistani generals and all those powerful Pakistanis who break the law.


Then there are intellectuals, writers and journalists etc. etc.


They justify the crimes committed by corrupt and unlawful generals and judges. They manufacture stories which reinforce the images of corrupt and unlawful elements in Pakistani society.


Illiterate and poor Pakistanis who always have been denied all rights throughout the history of Pakistan, are the most decent, most honest and most hard working Pakistanis. They are wiser than generals, judges and intellectuals who have rats’ brains in their skulls, but they think it is their birth right to rule the country. These skunks deny them democratic rights by telling the world they are illiterate thus they are unworthy of democracy or any civil status.


Once, comments of one such illiterate Pakistani proved almost prophetic.


It was the day, general Zia ul Haq, another dishonest, hypocrite, and unlawful general, delivered his first speech after taking over the country. He recited Holy Quran and promised to hold elections within 90 days and hand over the power to elected representatives of the people and go back to barracks.


I asked one such illiterate Pakistani—a tangay wala—for his comments on general’s speech.


He said the general was lying and he would not hold elections and go back to barracks.  


Pakistanis in higher positions think they are wise and smart, but illiterate Pakistanis are wiser, smarter and courageous than those high ranking Pakistanis with uniform or without uniform.


Illiterate Pakistanis are neither hypocrites nor dishonest. They say what they see and do what is right.


Mukhtaran Mai is one shinning example of such illiterate Pakistanis.


They are our real heroes. We salute to illiterate and poor Pakistanis.




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