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The Power Belongs To The People

General Musharraf is not the first person who has usurped power and who is trying to hold on to it by breaking his promise to shed off his uniform on or before December 31, 2004. Pakistanis have courageously dealt with such men of honor three times before in their brief history. The disgrace these honorable men in uniform earned is part of Pakistanisí collective memory.


Today, let us look at the history of few other countries where people proved, power belongs to them and eventually they outwit all usurpers.


Shah of Iran brought his tanks in the streets of Tehran to crush the people of Iran, but they out numbered his tanks and forced Shah of Iran to run away. The rest of it is history.


The last ruler of Soviet Union brought out his tanks to stop the caravan of democracy, but the TV screens world over flashed an unforgettable scene of sea of people and Soviet Union was flushed out in the dustbin of history forever. Boris Yeltsin became the first President of modern Russia with the popular support of the people of Russia.


A dictator in Yugoslavia tried to maintain hold on to power by cheating in polls. The people poured out in streets to protest. The dictator brought his tanks to crush the people, but the people crushed the dictator. The dictator is now languishing in a 9 x10 cell in a jail in Hague, going through trial for war crimes and crimes against his people.


The generals in Venezuela took over the country. They arrested the elected President Mr. Chavez. But the people came out to the rescue the elected President. The generals brought tanks to fight the people, but the people defeated the tanks and forced the generals to go back to barracks. After defeating the generals, the people of Venezuela reinstalled President Chavez in his office.


A few years back, the generals in a small country in the Pacific, Fiji, illegally took over the country. They arrested the prime minister and put him in jail. After over throwing the elected prime ministerís government, the generals went to the Supreme Court to have their coup authenticated under the doctrine of necessity, which Pakistani generals have used for the last 57 years to maintain their hold on power.


The judges of Supreme Court of Fiji refused to put the seal of approval on the illegal military takeover. The Fijian judgesí remarkable courage saved another nation to become victim of doctrine of necessity. The people of Fiji hailed the judgesí decision and the generals were forced to go back to barracks.


General Musharraf can ignore Pakistanís history, he can also ignore the examples of other countries and go back on his promise to take off the uniform on or before December 31, 2004, but he should not forget that the power belongs to the people and they do not let anyone usurp this power for too long.    




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