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Is Preservation of Musharraf System Part of The Deal?

Aftar parties are gradually becoming a good platform for politicians to express their views to a gathering of their liking.


These parties are no more limited to Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan, eventually Washington, DC has also picked up the idea and various parts of US government are holding their own Aftar parties to interact with American Muslims. White House is no exception. Aftar party is becoming an annual ritual at the White House. Before, President Bush held Aftar parties during Ramzan, this year, the new resident of White House, President Obama held his Aftar party.


Leaving President Obama’s After Party aside, we would like to look at the Aftar party held at President House in Pakistan.


President Zardari had invited all important journalists to the party where first he provided opportunity to all journalists to rub shoulders with him and then he candidly told them about the deal and guarantees general Musharraf sought before vacating the seating of power in Islamabad.


President Zardari confirmed there were internal and external guarantors of the deal who facilitated general Musharraf’s resignation from the office of the President. President Zardari’s remarks did not surprise anyone. His remarks only confirmed what every Tom, Harry and Dick already knew.


However, what President Zardari did not disclose, and we expect he should tell to the nation in same candid tone whether preservation of the current system was also part of the deal.


Apparently, general Musharraf is not fully done with the damage he wanted to do to Pakistan. While he is still issuing fully loaded statements to undermine the interests of Pakistan at every available platform around the globe, President Zardari is protecting the system general Musharraf erected in Pakistan in full honesty like a hen protects its chicks under her wings.


Whether President Zardari discloses it or not, the nation already knows who are internal and external guarantors of general Musharraf. However, it is important for the nation to know why President Zardari and PPP are protecting the system general Musharraf devised and implemented in Pakistan.


Pakistan’s 90 per cent problems are the creation of this hybrid system which guarantees all types of perks and privileges for the active functionaries of the system but miserably falls short of providing good governance to the people of Pakistan.


The nation is not interested in knowing the details of the shameful deal which was concluded in Dubai or later at the time of resignation of Musharraf, but nation does want to know when President Zardari and PPP would demolish general Musharraf’s satanic system which has made peoples’ lives miserable.


The nation wants answerable and responsible representation in Islamabad and in four provincial capitals, which is not there due to the system created and implemented by general Musharraf.


President Zardari should not take cosmetic steps to change the system. The nation expects of him to immediately demolish the Musharraf system by ending 17th amendment with simple constitutional amendment and by removing general Musharraf’s appointed governors and other administrators at various federal and provincial and district levels.


Also, it would be better if President Zardari immediately gives up his party position and separates party affairs from government affairs.


If he can hold political and government offices simultaneously then why any Army Chief cannot hold the offices of COAS and President simultaneously? This may be a poor analogy, but practically with President Zardari holding the office of the Co-Chair of PPP and President of Pakistan is the same thing. There is not qualitative difference.


Therefore, it would be better that President Zardari should immediately undo17th amendment with simple constitutional amendment and separate the offices of the Co-Chair of PPP and President of Pakistan.


Let us end the anomalies of the system painlessly and not push the nation to the point of social turmoil where people are forced to act and destroy this perilous, satanic system created by general Musharraf.


We hope the preservation of the Musharraf system is not part of deal. If it is then either the Supreme Court or the people of Pakistan have to move to undo it.



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