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There is no such thing as pure diplomacy in our modern times. Using diplomats for various motives has become an art,

There is so much mess inside the country which Pakistan needs to clear before it can actively participate in international affairs. Therefore, it is important Pakistan cut down its own embassy staff to the minimum, not more than two or three employees at a mission, and versa vise, request all foreign embassies to reduce their presence in Islamabad in matching numbers. Pakistan needs a cooling off period at least for next two to three decades.

Let us admit: Pakistan is a sick state, sick country with a large number of disfranchised citizens. The remedies to these collective sicknesses lie within the country not out of the country.

With so much internal mess, Pakistan as a low profile country can heal at faster pace than the speed it is apparently healing but actually deteriorating now. Its healing process is particularly questionable because its deterioration is accelerating with every passing day to its ultimate demise.

Pakistanís current challenge of fighting internal dissident elements also needs more internal focus than outside help.  Again, with the questionable motives of outside helpers, Pakistan would be in a better position to deal with these dissidents without outside friends.

There are several indicators which clearly point out that Pakistanís infra economic structure has collapsed.  Regardless of heartwarming statements of President and Prime Minister, things are deteriorating instead of improving. With the focus of President, Prime Minister, Ministers and other Administration officials on foreign trips and international events, there are even less chances that Pakistanís internal situation will improve.

While suggesting low profile minimal ambassadorial relations with the foreign countries, we definitely do not suggest Pakistan should become North Korea or Cuba or for that matter Iran. Instead, we have in our mind 50s and 60s internally focused China that used all its energies on fixing internal systems instead of pursuing international aspirations. They set aside these aspirations for shinny days waiting in future.

In order to go low profile, Pakistan has to give up its unfettered notions of strategic importance, or its insistence on being a front line state or for that matter an active member of Islamic community.  Pakistan should shed off all these rusting false snaky skins.

Pakistan also needs to review its active relationship with India. It would be better to freeze all dialogues on all issues with India. No more time wasting, useless, dialogues with India. Pakistan had enough of this nonsense for sixty years. Hypocritical diplomatic overtures benefit more to India then Pakistan. These dialogues have taken India-Pakistan nowhere within last sixty years and they are not going to take them anywhere within next 60 years. Therefore, it would be better if Pakistan freezes dialogue with India indefinitely.

Last but not the least Pakistan must get rid of its corrupt, stupid leaders sitting in and outside of Pakistan issuing senseless statements, inciting violence and lawlessness in the country.  

We must cut down this nonsense and start building Pakistanís internal broken systems. Start strengthening its internal state organs and set aside all foreign head aches for now at least for next 20 to 30 years.



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