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Connecting The Wrong Dots On Musharraf's Trial

Pakistani ruling elite’s mind is wicked up to the extent of evilness of devil. As talks about Musharraf’s trial are gaining momentum in the country so are the arguments of pro Musharraf members of the ruling elite.


In this regard, the simplest argument being made is: Musharraf’s trial is not a peoples’ issue. Peoples’ issues are lentils, cooking oil, sugar and flour. This argument is being voiced by people with soft stand on Musharraf. PPP is particularly very articulate about this argument. PPP leadership simply denies that its members won election of February 18 on the basis of anti Musharraf sentiments.  


Those who consider lentils, cooking oil, sugar and flour more important issue than Musharraf's trial they discard all those surveys in which people of Pakistan overwhelmingly support punishing Musharraf for the violation of the constitution.


The harshest argument against Musharraf's trial comes from MQM and people of their elk. They argue, under article 6 Musharraf’s trial is simply not possible because its clause B qualify thousands of others for trial under treason.  The crux of their argument is: forget about Musharraf’s trial. Let him go his way and let others go their way.


The simple question to both sides is: what is the connection between the issues of lentils, cooking oil and flour  and Musharraf's trial?


Musharraf committed a crime, which all sides agree that he did, then what is wrong in going ahead with his trial?  


Sparing Musharraf from trial because there are issues of lentils, cooking oil, sugar and flour is like connecting two things which in reality have no connection. Musharraf’s trial is not going to solve or make the issue of lentils, cooking oil, sugar and flour more complicated. Trial or no trial government will have to deal with the issue of lentils, cooking oil sugar and flour one way or the other.


Similar is true about the harsher argument: Spare Musharraf from trial because according to some hundreds and according to others thousands of others qualify for trial under the clause B of the article 6 as abettors.


They are wickedly misinterpreting the term abettor. By definition, abettors are the only people who conspired with the person who violated the article 6 of the constitution. Those who just obeyed his orders because he was their boss they did not abet him in the act of violating article 6. They simply obeyed his orders.


Therefore, talking about hundreds and thousands of other’s is a pure nonsense. For example, if general Musharraf did not talk to general Kiyani about emergency and general Kiyani did not take any steps to enforce his emergency, general Kiyani does not qualify as abettor.


Another example, General Musharraf talked to Chaudhry Shujaat about imposition of emergency. Chaudhry Shujaat advised him not to impose emergency, but general Musharraf went ahead and imposed emergency, in this case, Chaudhry Shujaat also does not qualify as an abettor because he did not agree to the idea of imposition of emergency.


Similarly, the people who worked with general Musharraf in various capacities as part of bureaucracy they also do not qualify in the definition of abettors. However, all those who talked and acquiesced with general Musharraf for imposition of emergency before the act took place, they do qualify to be included in  abettors' list, and it would be reasonable to believe that their number is not in hundreds, they are fewer than 10 people. Therefore, connecting wrong dots in order to spare Musharraf from trial is mockery of rule of law and treacherousness on the part of Musharraf  sympathizers.


Musharraf must go for trial and he must face the consequences of his crimes against the state, the constitution and people of Pakistan.


And the wicked minds, who are trying to protect a criminal through their wicked arguments, must keep their poisonous tongues inside their cheeks. They should not offend the people to the extent that people are forced to move against them too along with Musharraf.



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