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Deals and More Deals: A Sure Way To Ultimate Destruction

If you tell one lie, you have to tell hundreds of other lies to cover your one lie. This maxim is truer about the deals that members of ruling elite make in Pakistan than the axiom of telling hundreds of lies to cover the first lie. 


What a shame!


Before it was Rehman Malik running back and forth to Abu Dhabi and London to cut a secret deal between Benazir Bhutto and Musharraf and now he is shuttling between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan with special messages from President Zardari to Shah Abdullah to reach to some new consensus between general Musharraf and Zardari regime with the guarantees of Saudi King.


When BB cut secret deal with general Musharraf in Abu Dhabi we warned her that she was falling below her dignity to cut a secret deal with general Musharraf and its consequences won’t be good for her and for Pakistan.


Now, BB is dead, general Musharraf was removed from power about a year ago, Mr. Zardari replaced him as President, but the details coming out of various Pandora’s boxes of various deals are not coming to and end.


Had BB stayed away from making secret deal and let Musharraf die his natural political death Pakistan would have come out much better. The people of Pakistan won’t have to go through what they are going through because of these dirty back and forth deals to protect one criminal or the other for one reason or the other.


Musharraf is not worth a toilet paper like what he was used by MQM and many international forces to make Pakistan a circus for political tug of war for these internal and external forces.


Instead of cutting new deals with him, it would be better for everyone if Musharraf pays for the crimes he committed against the constitution, the state and the people of Pakistan. It would be better for MQM, general Musharraf’s key benefactor, PPP, general Musharraf’s key NRO beneficiary, and for the political health of rest of Pakistan to let things straighten up according to the letters and spirit of the constitution.


These endless back door deals will only make things more difficult for everyone. The political system will become muddier, restlessness will grow among the people, system, which everyone is trying to save, will become more polluted.


Musharraf is a wolf in the lamb’s clothes, chosen by historical contradictions of Pakistan, for sacrifice. It is only his sacrifice which can save Pakistan from falling apart as a state. Of course, justice done to Musharraf will create some uproar in MQM, because he is their guy, but its long term effect to improve the health of ailing Pakistan will be tremendous.


So please take a pity on Pakistan, and the people of Pakistan, and stay away from cutting anymore secret deals with anyone.


Let the law take its course, whosoever’s neck falls under the axe of law, let it go. It is about time to get out of pretensions and behave as a healthy, law abiding, and a just nation. Otherwise, we all know how long this circus or Pakistan can last together! Why do we want to see the end?



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