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Who Will Shut Down MQM's Mafioso Operations?

On Independence Day, a delegation of businessmen from Karachi visited Pakistan Weeklyís office. Other than the problems their businesses face in Karachi, they mentioned about the chits they receive time to time from MQMís agents to deliver certain amount of money to a designated location. Most of the time, the demanded money is in lakhs depending on the size of the business.


While the members of business delegation were describing MQMís Bhutta collection operations, Altaf Hussain was delivering his usual sermon on Geo and ARY. Today, he was congratulating the people for Pakistanís 63rd birth day. Uttering the dirtiest possible slurs, the members of business delegation wanted me to change the channel, but the MQM Chief was thundering on both available Pakistani channels.


Thousands of adherents of MQM, mostly ladies, were listening Altaf Hussainís thunderous telephonic tirade.


What is the difference between a war lord in tribal areas and Altaf Hussain? Of course, Altaf Hussain is more organized, has access to modern technology, has larger network of workers who can collect Bhutta on his behalf in major urban centers of Sindh: Karachi and Hyderabad.


The news about MQMís Bhutta collection was not new for us. We have been listening about MQMís Bhutta operations since early 90s. Since then, MQM has become much stronger. It has organized its network channels on more systematic footings. It is also spreading its networks in the rest of Pakistan as well around the globe in all major cities in Europe and North America. It has exploited its control on state apparatus to further its areas of influence.


It is unfortunate, consecutive Pakistani governments collaborated with MQM, thus giving it more power to continue its mafia style operations. The worst part of the story is Geoís and ARYís accommodation and broadcasting of Altaf Hussainís sermons. Viewers either turn off or switch TV channels because they do not want to listen to his sermons.


It was a sad account to hear the news of MQMís Mafioso Operations in Karachi on Pakistanís 63rd birth day by the delegation of businessmen based in Karachi. It is even sadder to know, that MQM is the part of present ruling coalition both at provincial and federal level. It is amazing how a mafia network, whose chief operates out of London, has gained so much power in the largest urban center of Pakistan that neither businesses nor provincial and federal governments can function without his blessings.


It is governmentís responsibility to foil MQMís operations in Karachi and free businessmen from fear created by MQMís operatives throughout urban centers of Sindh. A government is supposed to protect its citizensí lives and properties. Here, the government is a collaborator and partner. Who will break MQMís Mafioso rings if government, media and opposition politicians start siding with MQM?  Who will protect the lives and properties of citizens of Karachi? We all saw what MQM did to Chief Justice, does anyone else matters? We also witnessed the bloodbath MQM gave to the streets of Karachi on May 12. What MQM will do in other cities if it gets hold of them?


Now, MQM Chief wants to return favor to the biggest criminal of history of Pakistan, former dictator general Musharraf too because not only he collaborated with MQM throughout his illegal rule in the country but he also provided necessary space to MQM to establish its Mafioso operations. It is not without reason the MQM Chief, in his Independence Day message, thundered: Musharraf key trial aur article 6 ke rut band karo. That is precisely how criminals protect each other.


Musharrafís erected Mayoral System is also important for MQM to continue its Mafioso Operations in Karachi. As a matter of fact Mayoral System is lynchpin of MQMís Mafioso Operations. That is why MQM is insisting with Prime Minister Gilani and President Zardari to maintain the Mayoral System in Karachi.


Bhutta collections, target killings, use of government funds to eliminate MQMís opponents and further strengthen it hold in Karachi are dangerous trends which can weaken Pakistani stateís control on its coastal areas.


Is Pakistanís political leadership, state institutions and media are so powerless that they cannot stop MQMís Mafioso Operations? If they cannot who else will?



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