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It is Zardari regime’s responsibility to put Pakistan back on constitutional track. In order to achieve this objective, the government must take certain steps. Some steps are constitutional some are symbolic.


It is okay to move slowly on constitutional matters. However, inaction on symbolic matters is incomprehensible and inexcusable.


Constitutional matters include reversal of general Musharraf’s illegal constitutional inductions which created imbalance between the offices of President and Prime Minister thus converting parliamentary form of government into presidential.


This reversal is a must in order to remove anomalies created in the system. Because of this anomaly President holds all powers but he is not answerable to the people and Prime Minister who is answerable to the people does not hold enough of powers to deliver on his promises.


President Zardari and most of the leaders of coalition parties agree on reversal of these constitutional amendments.  Some of them have already developed the drafts of 18th and 19th amendments which will reverse general Musharraf’s constitutional steps.


While the work on constitutional amendments is in progress, it is important Zardari regime takes steps to knock down Musharraf regime’s symbolic icons. For example, it does not make sense to leave governors of three out of four provinces and several other components of Musharraf regime in offices.


It is particularly incomprehensible because some of these Musharraf regime’s components were part of the brutal actions taken by him after the imposition of November 3 emergency.  


It is the presence of these symbolic icons on their positions which gives the impression of Zardari regime as extension of Musharraf regime.


Moreover, it seems like Pakistan’s problems are not going away because of the presence of Musharraf regime’s these symbolic icons in their offices.


Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry’s steps have already started making positive contribution in Pakistan. Various government departments have started breathing and life is coming back to them. An ostensible new awakening is teaching them to perform within their legal and constitutional limits.


Active and effective media is also making positive contribution. All of sudden, state of Pakistan has started looking like a real state.


With these fresh feelings in the air if Zardari regime starts cleaning general Musharraf’s symbolic icons from Pakistan’s body politics, it will definitely enhance the speed of recovery.


This iconic cleansing is the call of the history. Zardari regime has to move in this direction quick. Otherwise, it will continue sliding downward to the point where it will not only lose esteem it will also lose power.


It is up to Zardari regime to arrest the spirit of the moment and take necessary steps or face the intervention of history to move Pakistan forward.  



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