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Opposition parties and office bearers of the bar council have decided to initiate a campaign after Eid against LFO enacted by fugitive general Musharraf to unilaterally and illegally incorporate into the 1973 constitution.


Pakistan Weekly has always maintained that 1973 constitution is the symbol of the unity of Pakistan and supremacy of the people of Pakistan, their representatives and democratic institutions.


General Musharraf hates the constitution of Pakistan. He hates the constitution because he cannot legally rule Pakistan in the presence of a constitution written by the representatives of people of Pakistan with the idea of keeping the supreme authority of hiring and firing their rulers in the hands of the people.


Pakistani Generals including general Musharraf want a system free for generals and closed for everyone else. They want system free for generals because they literally have their fingers in everything from manufacturing cereals to building heavy machinery.


Defense housing colonies and specially privileged projects for army personnel in all cities of Pakistan are evidence of their greed and their desire to hold on state power.


Generals left alone to continue their shenanigans can hurt Pakistan and hurt it bad. The nation should not forget 1971. The generals lost half of the country just to satisfy their insatiable hunger for power.


Once again, we have another such general fugitive from law, hiding in President House to escape trial for his crimes, pulling the strings and calling all the shots.


His main target is the 1973 constitution of Pakistan. He wants to destroy the spirit and the structure of the constitution solely to save his own rear end.


He has created a stannic system by using weak-links of judiciary and politicians to perpetuate his illegal rule. Those entire judges who protect criminals like general Musharraf are part of the crime. All politicians like PML (Q) members are part of the system the general is creating to protect himself.


It is the formidable duty of the opposition parties, bar councils, political workers of all parties, student leaders, labor leaders, journalists and the common people of Pakistan to protect the constitution of Pakistan from general Musharraf’s wicked designs.


In order to do so, you have to take to task general Musharraf, PML (Q) leaders, and the judges of the Supreme and High Courts of Pakistan who provide legal shelter to illegal actions of Pakistani generals.


Save the 1973 constitution and save Pakistan.




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