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When Shaukat Tareen Will Leave The Scene

The nation is still trying to wipe out the bloody wounds that Shaukat Aziz inflicted on its economy. Can someone imagine what the scenario will look like when Shaukat Tareen will leave?


Not many people have the ability to foresee the future. We are not talking about Ďforeseeingí future in the sense of fortune tellers, but as professional experts who can predict future on the basis of facts and figures.


Unfortunately, Pakistanís ruling elite does not have many such experts in its ranks. If there are few, they like to hide their heads in sand like ostriches. They do not want to foresee the dreadful realities that nation repeatedly faces after these wizards leave the scene.


Most of them are Einsteinís proverbial fools who believe in repeating the same things over and over with the expectation to produce different results.


Was it necessary to engage Shaukat Tareen and make him in charge of finances after the destruction and devastation brought upon Pakistani economy by his namesake Shaukat Aziz?   Particularly, when he is a man with the same vision, same economic philosophy, and identical background.


PPP government first engaged him as Finance Advisor and now PPP govt. has installed him in Senate against technocrat seat and given him the full rank of a Federal Minister. There is definitely something wrong with PPP.


Like Shaukat Aziz, Shaukat Tareen does not represent the people of Pakistan. He will leave Pakistan as soon as his role will be over. What will he leave behind, probably a Pakistan worse than Shaukat Aziz left.


The way PPP govt. has rented costly Electric Power stations to deal with electricity supply shortage it shows the mentality behind Shaukat Aziz/Shaukat Tareen policies: provide a temporary relief to the people to get them off your back and let them deal with the worsened problems later on.


Pakistan needed a Finance Minister who could control its run-amok expenses, raise the revenue collection, put the economy on the path of self reliance and help people of Pakistan light up their homes with cheaper electricity and bring basic necessities of life in their reach.


Unfortunately, what Pakistan has is a true copy of Shaukat Aziz. Mr. Shaukat Tareen who called President Zardari from Istanbul and told him the reduction in oil prices under Supreme Court orders was making it difficult for him to negotiate with World Bank officials. While President Zardari, obliging Shaukat Tareen issued Presidential Ordinance to bring oil prices back to the pre Supreme Court decision level, Financial Advisor gave Ď another good news of raising the oil and electricity pricesí to the people to convince the World Bank officials about the continuity of their policies in Pakistan.


There are many issues in this muddy deal: issues about the issue and issues about the whole political system of Pakistan.


Without going into the issues related to the political system of Pakistan and maintaining focus on Shaukat Tareen, we suggest Pakistan must make U-turn on these economic policies of appeasement of international financial institutions and look for local solutions for its economic problems.


This cannot go on for too long. The noose around Pakistanís neck is already too tight. Let the country ease-up. Review the whole economic set-up and redraw the whole economic map. Freedom from further foreign loans and self-reliance within countryís own economic resources is a must.


We fear Shaukat Tareenís economic philosophy and practical steps will leave Pakistan bloodier than Shaukat Aziz left it.


Are we sure we want to go on the same route with the expectation to reach somewhere else?



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