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MQM Chief Should Write 3rd Open Letter to Chief Justice

Altaf Hussain of MQM has written two letters to Chief Justice of Pakistan. In first letter he demanded CJ should investigate loan defaulters and recover Pakistanís billions of dollars squirreled away by schemers through mutual arrangements between banks, powerful government functionaries and fake politicians. Fake politicians because they belonged to the class of politicians created by general Musharraf on demand basis.


In second letter, Altaf Hussain has appealed CJ to investigate and recover the missing MQM workers. According to him those MQM workers disappeared during crackdown 1992 action against MQM.


We are surprised Altaf Hussain has not so far appealed CJ to investigate the May 12 massacre. Any rational person would argue that MQM was blamed for May 12 massacre on the streets of Karachi in which 53 people lost their lives. Among those 53 people 7 of them were lawyers who were burned alive because they were protesting in support of restoration of judiciary. Fingers were also pointed towards MQM for the burning of those lawyers.


Altaf Hussain is very smart man. His statements and political movements foretell the changing direction of political winds in Pakistan.


He used to issue statements against COAS General Musharraf. The moment he noticed the general was about to topple Nawaz Sharif regime, he started issuing statements in support of general Musharraf. Later he joined general Musharrafís set-up both at federal and provincial level. He maintained this partnership until the end of Musharraf regime. Throughout Musharraf regime, Altaf Hussainís agents took maximum social, cultural, political and financial advantage out of this partnership.


The moment Altaf Hussain smelled the change in Pakistanís political set-up he started opening channels with PPP leadership. As a first goodwill gesture, he ordered his agents in Pakistan to facilitate Benazir Bhuttoís welcome rally in Karachi. Onwards, he continued to soften die-hard differences with PPP and gradually build cordial relations. So much so he proposed Asif Zardariís name before PPP rank and file leaders for the soon becoming available position of President of Pakistan. He offered unconditional support to PPP at federal and provincial level. Under the table, before lending support to PPP, he let the PPP leadership know that he was interested in maintaining the on-going set-up at Sindh and Karachi level. He also insured that PPP government would not audit MQMís controlled Sindh and Karachi. After receiving these assurances, he joined PPP govt. at federal level.


Now, his sudden open letters to Chief Justice definitely indicate the changing direction of political winds. By his animal instincts, or through his covert connections with national and international establishments, Altaf Hussain is clearly seeing the important role Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry is going to play in Pakistan in coming months and years. Foreseeing the expected political changes in coming months and years, Altaf Hussain is opening his channels with Chief Justice of Pakistan.


But he is definitely pushing the wrong cords as far as Chief Justice of Pakistan is concerned. If he wants to push the right cords he needs to write a third open letter to Chief Justice and demand investigation of May 12 massacre in Karachi and offer law enforcement agencies full MQM cooperation to find the culprits behind the mayhem. He needs to provide first hand information to Chief Justice why MQM controlled Sindh Administration blocked the CJ rally path with trailers, why it kept CJ under detention at the Karachi airport for six hours, who burned 7 lawyers alive and who killed 46 people on the streets of Karachi?


Altaf Hussainís animal instincts are definitely sending him the right signals. Political winds are about to change their direction in Pakistan.  But Altaf Hussain has to push the right cords. Any wrong cord can bring his political fiefdom down and MQM may suffer serious political losses.  



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