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To Curb Terrorism, Resolve The Active Conflicts Around The Globe

Anyone, individual, group, international organization or govt. who is interested in dealing with terrorism should focus on the resolution of active conflicts around the globe, because as long as these conflicts remain active, terrorism will continue flourishing in leaps and bounds all around the globe.


In 2001 it was 9/11, then it was New Delhi, then  Madrid, then London, then Islamabad and now it is Mumbai. In these terrorist attacks thousands of innocent people lost their lives, whereas, respective governments blamed their opponent groups, agencies and governments for carrying out these attacks.


In each case, all victim governments responded in the manner of their choice. US government attacked Afghanistan and Iraq. Spanish, British, and Pakistani government cracked down on local terrorist groups to control and eliminate them. Indian government moved one million armed forces on Pakistani border in response to terrorist attack on Indian parliament. Now, in response to Mumbai attacks, we yet have to wait for Indian government’s response.


Initially different segments of Indian society and government have reacted differently. Some of them have blamed internal Hindu or Muslim, depending on their lineage, terrorist groups. Some others have blamed Israeli intelligence agency Mossad behind the attacks, yet some others have pointed fingers to Pakistan.


It will be a while before the real culprits of Mumbai attacks will be unmasked. Meanwhile, it would be better if speculators avoid pointing fingers in any particular direction.


Having said that, we would like to suggest, that governments’ victim of possible terrorism attacks should sit together and devise a comprehensive policy to deal with the menace of terrorism. These governments must include USA, Britain, Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan.


The steps needed to be taken to deal with terrorism should focus on:


1)   Lowering the rhetoric against selective countries and people of faith

2)   Definite plans to resolve active international conflicts such as Kashmir, Palestine, and Tamils.

3)   Banning of manufacturing of armaments by non state owned companies.

4)   Tight international control over movement of arms around the globe.

5)   Limited military, but active and effective intelligence operations against suspected terrorist individuals, groups and organizations.


Right now, the kinds of responses we are seeing by various governments to deal with terrorism, instead of curbing terrorism, they are fanning more terrorism around the globe. The terrorist groups constantly look for soft targets. Wherever, they find a soft target, periodically they hit it and cause casualties of innocent lives and agitate and frustrate the world governments.




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