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Will War against Terror Eventually Turn Into War against Pakistan?

US led war against terrorism is expanding its agenda. President Ė Elect Barack Obamaís strategy to move Iraq based US forces to Afghanistan will have serious military implications for Pakistan and Pakistan will willingly or unwillingly be entangled in adversarial military engagement with the United States.


Arrival of Iraq based US forces in Afghanistan will also change military dynamics for the United States and it will be difficult for United States not to engage with Pakistan Army in confrontational manner. The presence of such huge number of US military forces in Afghanistan will call for US administration to expand its territorial activities within Pakistan. US forces may end up culling a swath of land from Pakistani territory to secure its supplies directly from Arabian Sea.


There are many serious strategist thinkers in Pakistan and US who infact see US and Pakistan as two adversarial states. These Pakistani and American strategic thinkers see Pakistan-US alliance as marriage of convenience which can fall apart the moment dynamics of situation will change in the region.


Arrival of Iraq based US forces in Afghanistan will be one such change. The need to shift Iraq based US force to Afghanistan is being felt by American Administration quite for a while. Bush administration did not want to ditch Iraq and shift the force to Afghanistan. Bush administration wanted to secure Iraq before shifting forces to Afghanistan. The shaping up Barack Obama administration, more focused and more clear-headed, already knows where the onus of continuing war against terrorism is going to be. It is definitely Afghanistan and Pakistan instead of Iraq.


Bush administration will conclude agreement with Iraqi regime to leave limited number of forces in Iraq as insurance to maintain American influence in Iraq before President Bush will vacate White House for President Obama. Thus making it convenient for President Obama to fulfill his promise to pull forces from Iraq and shift them to Afghanistan as he has mentioned many times during his election campaign and afterwards.


While Americans are giving final touches to their arrangements of departure from Iraq, Pakistani leadership, both political and military, has already psychologically lost the war. They are faithfully receiving all the blows from US forces. With every new drone attack inside Pakistani territories, Pakistani leadershipís subdued and apologetic behavior is strengthening American resolve to continue military engagement in the region with an open agenda.


Thus there are growing chances the American war against terrorism, with swelled American forces presence in Afghanistan, will convert into war against Pakistan which will minimally end up culling a swath of land from Pakistani territories to provide direct access to US and NATO forces to Arabian Sea.


This time this access to hot waters of Arabian Sea will not be for Moscow, but it will be for land-locked Afghanistan based US and NATO forces.

MQMís Taliban Hoax

Altaf Hussain is playing smarter game than many traditional common MQM supporters, traditional Pakistani politicians and average media people can understand.


His tirades about the Hoax of Taliban in Karachi are part of a bigger agenda, which Altaf Hussain wants to fulfill in more than one stage.


By throwing up the presence of Hoax of Taliban in Karachi he intends to pull more Muhajirs into MQM fold. A large number of Muhajirs do not support MQM. They can see through MQMís mafia style tactics to control the Karachi and Sindh politics.


These tactics became more evident when MQM mafia leaders forced cable operators to shut down GEO and ARY transmissions in Karachi and Sindh upon their refusal to telecast Altaf Hussainís propaganda tirades live from beginning to the end.


Lately, GEO and ARY are under tremendous pressure from their viewers to stop Altaf Hussainís propaganda tirades on these two channels. They have been threatened by their viewers to deny them business if they continue these MQM propaganda tirades.  


Leaving this issue aside, and coming back to Altaf Hussainís bigger agenda, it is becoming evident from Altaf Hussainís tactics that he is pushing Karachi towards a direct confrontation with Sindh and Pakistan.


His Hoax about Talibanís presence in Karachi is one side of the picture. The other side of the picture is his advice to the youth of Karachi to get ready in every possible sense including physical training and military training to defend their homes and families.  


Is Karachi going to fight a war? If it is a war, against whom this war is going to be? All official channels have denied confirming Taliban presence in or around Karachi. Obviously, the war for which Altaf Hussain is talking about is not between the Hoax of Taliban, but it will be fought in connivance with the forces whose representatives have been meeting Altaf Hussain in London and his followers in Karachi.




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