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There Is No Substitute To Democracy

 Since takeover, general Musharraf has consistently tried to confuse the meanings of democracy by giving different definitions to its contents and concepts. In his latest attempt to distort democracy, while talking to a daily newspaper, he has said democracy has been established in Pakistan.

One way to counter general Musharraf’s argument is to ask him a blunt question: If this is democracy then when the nation is going to elect its next C-In-C President? The hallmark of democracy is the election of the head of state by the people. Americans elect their Presidents; Britons, Indians and Bangladeshis elect their Prime Ministers why Pakistanis do not elect their C-In-C Presidents? We hope general Musharraf will address this question in his next interaction with media.


It is unfortunate even after 57 years of independence the people of Pakistan yet do not have the right to hire and fire their rulers. Someone else always has to do this job for them, most of the time it is the Commander In Chief of the armed forces of Pakistan.


Pakistan is land of pure but nothing comes pure in this land of pure. Pakistanis cannot get pure milk, they cannot get pure water; even they cannot get pure hot peppers. Why should then they get pure democracy? American, British, Indian and Bangladeshi style of democracy is not good for the health of Pakistan and Pakistanis. They get sick with the very first taste of pure democracy.


In fact, Pakistan was born with many deformities. Not only it inherited three out of four divisions of Indian Army, it inherited a large army of mullahs. All these mullahs opposed the idea of Pakistan, but after the creation of Pakistan they migrated to Pakistan joke dar joke. Even Maulvi Maudoudi left his Hyderabad to establish his Islamic empire in Kafiristan created by clean shave Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Not to mention about a big class of jagirdars and waderas, who established their own states within Pakistani state.


When it comes to shoving the doze of democracy under the throat of Pakistani nation, generals, mullahs, jagirdars and waderas all gang up together. Like they have ganged up now in general Musharraf’s dispensation which he calls democracy?


Can someone tell these nincompoops who are trying to deceive the world by labeling their stinky system as “democracy” they are just fooling themselves. The people of Pakistan will know when the first breath of democracy will reach the shores of Pakistan.


Until then, they should learn to laugh at the jokes of democracy that general Musharraf is cracking.




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