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Zardari Must Give-up Powers Usurped By Musharraf

In order to restore Pakistan’s sovereignty President Asif Zardari must give up powers usurped by general Musharraf through 17th amendment to the constitution. These powers, regardless whosoever holds them, determine Pakistan’s level of sovereignty.


In his first address to the Parliament President Asif Zardari announced his intentions to give up powers that make him almost true copy of general Musharraf in president’s office, however, so far neither he nor PPP dominant parliament has made any positive move in this direction.


Why President Asif Zardari and PPP dominant parliament are remaining mum on this issue? Do they intend to keep the system established by general Musharraf intact or they will return president’s powers to Prime Minister and make president a figure head of state as intended by the constitution.


So far all indicators lead towards President Zardari’s and PPP dominant parliament’s agreement to maintain the Musharraf system. Had President Zardari and PPP dominant parliament any intentions to abolish usurped presidential powers they would have acted and made some move in that direction, but their lackluster approach shows they are least interested in this matter.


If President Zardari and PPP dominant parliament do not end 17th amendment what does it mean for Pakistan?


In simple terms it means the system US was trying to set-up in Pakistan is in place and running. It is the system that has been already placed in Egypt, Algeria and to some extent in Turkey.


The hallmark characteristic of this system is ruling without governing. Under this system, real powers remain with rulers whereas day to day governors govern without powers and bear all the responsibility for all the problems occurring due to lack of govern-ability.


This system is a recipe for disaster. Instability, lawlessness, poverty, inflation, and economic disasters are the main ingredients of this system.


If President Zardari and PPP want to keep Pakistan instable, lawless, poor, inflationary and economically disastrous they should maintain this system. If they are interested in making Pakistan a sovereign, stable, prosperous and stronger country they should immediately get rid of 17th amendment.


Can President Zardari and PPP dominant parliament undo Musharraf’s system? It depend how much political will they have to set Pakistan free from the shackles of the forces that designed Musharraf’s system for Pakistan?


Pakistan can realize its full potentials only if it stays on the path outlined for it by its founder Quad-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, parliamentary system with continuing political process


Incase President Zardari and PPP dominant parliament do not end 17th amendment they will invoke long term instability in the country which may endanger Pakistan’s existence as a country.




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