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Zardari's Presidency Is Not In Pakistan's Interest


Pakistan is in a lot of trouble. It cannot afford to have someone of Mr. Zardari’s fame in President House. Of course, NRO has provided relief to Mr. Zardari from all cases, but his cases have left his reputation seriously damaged. And this damage is not limited to Pakistan Mr. Zardari’s reputation has been the topic of all major dailies around the globe at least for last 20 years. Unfortunately, the stories of his corruption have not died regardless of NRO and Government of Pakistan’s withdrawal of cases against Mr. Zardari from British and Swiss courts.   


PPP has every right to have its President elected for next 5 years, but it is also PPP’s obligation to nominate someone with clean record. All those PPP stalwarts who requested Mr. Zardari to become president are more like the members of PML (Q) musical band who wanted to get general Musharraf elected in uniform 10 times. PPP leadership’s this blind folded behavior will definitely cut PPP’s life in power short.


Pakistan is already known around the globe as a safe heaven for high profile criminals. The common image of Pakistan in the comity of nations is of a country where people can get away with any crime. They can violate constitution, they can break all the laws on the books, and they can commit as much corruption as they like, but they can still remain the honorable members of the society. If they wear uniform, or if they are members of civil elite, they go scot-free no matter what crime they commit.


Zardari’s presence in President House will constantly reinforce Pakistan’s image as a criminals’ safe heaven.


Other than stigmas of corruption attached to Mr. Zardari, there are also several other solid reasons why he should not become the President of Pakistan.


It is in the interest of Pakistan to reinstate deposed judges; it is in the interest of Pakistan to eliminate foreign influence in governmental decision making process; it is in the interest of Pakistan to try general Musharraf for his crimes against the constitution, the state and the people of Pakistan; and it is also in the interest of Pakistan to reevaluate and re-strategize its participation and operation of war against terrorism.


Mr. Zardari is on record, he accepted foreign influence to make his decisions about these important issues. If a person accepts foreign influence to deal with issues of such  national importance it would be unwise he should become President of Pakistan.


Mr. Zardari did not only accept foreign influence on these issues of national importance he  also looked up to international institutions for making decisions about many pressing issues like price-hike, energy shortages, economic management and law and order.


Pakistan will shoot in its feet if Mr. Zardari becomes general Musharraf’s replacement. We passionately appeal Mr. Zardari to withdraw his name from Presidential race and let someone else with cleaner image become the next President of Pakistan.



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