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Army Must Disown Criminals in Uniform

It is indeed good news the armed forces of Pakistan are distancing from general Musharraf. That is the only right thing to do and we should appreciate present military leadership for taking this right step.


The professional people in uniform who put their lives on line to defend Pakistan must be revered and honored. But, the people in uniform who commit gross crimes against the constitution, the state and the people of Pakistan must not be spared. Sparing any kind of criminal only worsens the situation and it is not in anyone’s interest to weaken the country.


Military leadership should disown all those retired generals who were part of general Musharraf’s criminal activities.


We know what general Musharraf and his co-accomplices did was not done by the entire military leadership. Many did not like their activities, but they could not oppose them because of disciplinary reasons. This scenario also calls for some kind of action on the part of military leadership so that future military leaders do not just become silent spectators of criminal activities.


Also, after listening general Musharraf’s arguments for last 9 years one comes to conclusion that many military leaders do not understand the difference between constitutional and unconstitutional, legal and illegal and right and wrong. Military leadership must take steps to teach its officers the difference between constitutional and unconstitutional, legal and illegal and right and wrong. Thy must learn their limitations in the time of peace and war.  They must learn what they can do and what they cannot do in the time of peace and war.


So far, Pakistani military leadership has been very lucky that no international injunctions have been invoked to deal with their accesses. This scenario may not last forever. Military leaders who do not remain within their limits may become liable to international injunctions against their accesses.


Therefore, it is important military leadership start arranging refresher courses in which they discuss their limitations in times of war and peace.


For last 9 years, the crimes general Musharraf committed against the constitution, the state and people of Pakistan were not committed by him alone. Many men from civil and military bureaucracy aided and abetted general Musharraf in those criminal endeavors.


Military leadership must abandon all those criminals and help law enforcement forces to take these criminals to the court of law and punish them for their crimes.


Such actions by military leadership will have far reaching impact on the military services, on the governance in Pakistan, and Pakistan Army’s image both at home and abroad. Those foreign forces that do not waste any opportunity to malign Pakistan Armed forces as rogue force will be compelled to change their point of view. Visible abandonment of criminals in uniform will be the best signal to everyone that Pakistan Armed forces are not only the disciplined forces they also know how to work within internal and external legal limitations.


Abandonment of general Musharraf by armed forces is first such signal and people are already appreciating it.




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