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A Possible Kashmir Solution


After recent protests and killings in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has said he is closely watching the situation in Kashmir. He did not say what he intends to do about Kashmir problem as Secretary General of United Nations.


If UN Secretary General takes any steps to resolve Kashmir issue he is the legitimate authority to do so because he heads an institution which has several unfulfilled resolutions on its files.


Here is what Mr. Ban Ki Moon as UN Secretary General can do to give some relief to Kashmiris without upsetting the status quo. It can be a possible first step to solve Kashmir conflict amicably.


UN Secretary General should convince India, Pakistan and China they should maintain their stance on Kashmir; India can keep its army in Kashmir, China can maintain its overall control over the territory it controls, and Pakistan can maintain its control on Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), but they all three must agree on two things: 1) they should agree on one legislator body for all three parts of Kashmir, 2) they should also agree to let Kashmiris build their own administrative structure. The legislative body should make laws for Kashmiris without threatening the interests of India, Pakistan and China and Administrative body should run day today affairs of Kashmiris.


These two bodies should come into existence and work directly under the supervision of United Nations.


By agreeing to these steps India, Pakistan, and China will not have to withdraw from Kashmir for now. Kashmiris will not get immediate freedom, but they will have one legislative and administrative body for all three parts of Kashmir. Kashmiris will have right to free movement in all three parts of Kashmir without any documentation or check points. They will have the right to engage in trade in any part of the Kashmir they like. The legislative body will have the right to impose taxes on Kashmiris property, commercial activities and other taxable services and Administrative body will have the right to collect those taxes and use the revenues for managing Kashmiris affairs in all three parts of Kashmir.


So far India and Pakistan have presented Kashmir conflict as a bilateral issue. For all these years, Kashmiris have been demanding to make this conflict a tripartite issue and include them in bilateral dialogues between India and Pakistan as a third legitimate party.


Our contention is Kashmir is neither bilateral nor tripartite issue. The fact of the matter is Kashmir is a one party issue and that party is Kashmiris. As one people, Kashmiris have every right to have their own legislator and administrative body and run their day today affairs without involving India, Pakistan and China.


India, Pakistan and China may maintain their stakes, but they have to allow Kashmiris to live decent, honorable, fearless lives on their territories without persecution or getting killed.


If United Nations can achieve this kind of arrangement with India, Pakistan and China it will provide immediate relief to Kashmiris. India, Pakistan and China do not want to set Kashmiris free for now, they must allow them manage their lives according to their wishes by allowing them self rule in all three parts of Kashmir through one legislative and one administrative body.  




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