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Why Musharraf Does Not Resign?

Everyone is urging general Musharraf to resign, but he intends to take the impeachment process to its ultimate conclusion. Why?


Reason is simple and clear. He has committed so many crimes against constitution, state and the people of Pakistan he knows he will have to face the iron hand of law for those crimes the moment he steps out of his current hide-out. Probably, he will be arrested and tried under article 6, for handing over Pakistanis to foreign countries for bounty, for killing 43 people on the streets of Karachi on May 12, 2007, for assassinating Akbar Bugti and Benazir Bhutto, and for massacre at Lal Masjid.


General Musharraf was always too ambitious. He wanted to take over Pakistan to solve this country’s political problems with the force of the gun and to be remembered in the history as Kamal Ata Turk. That is what his son Bilal Musharraf wrote in one of his posts at Chowk immediately after general Musharraf illegally took over Pakistan on October 12, 1999.


His shallow understanding and habit of seeing things in black and white misled general Musharraf. His nation entrusted him with the highest honor by appointing him the chief of the armed forces of Pakistan, but he led down the institution he was entrusted to lead and the people of Pakistan by pursuing his ambitious goals.


When he took over Pakistan, some internal totalitarian forces welcomed his take over, but international community received him without any warmth. Even United States received news of his coup with little indignation. President Clinton was so upset he even did not want to be photographed with him during his visit to Pakistan.


This may have forced him to play some role in 9/11 events. After all, he was in total control of Pakistan when money was transferred from Dubai to one of the 9/11 characters on the orders of his DG ISI general Mahmood.


It was general Musharraf who benefited the events of 9/11 the most. His alienation broke. Instead of visiting Myanmar and Vietnam, he started receiving red-carpet welcome in Western capitols. United States and Europe opened the doors of their exchequers for general Musharraf.


Internally, his foes were fully silenced as the word “Terrorism” emerged as a new tool in general Musharraf’s hands. Anyone who raised voice against his illegal acts was arrested as “Terrorist” and transferred to Bagram en-route to Guantanamo.


Ambitious Musharraf continued his extra constitutional activities to build his satanic system with the hope that it will last forever. He did not know what he was doing was not going to fit well in Pakistan’s socio-cultural and political temperament. Absolute power made him commit serious political blunders. Those blunders gave courage to the victims of his crimes to stand up to him and challenge him.


Now, the ruling coalition has prepared a dossier of 300 pages about the crimes he has committed against the constitution, the state and the people of Pakistan. This dossier includes some of the crimes general Musharraf has committed against the constitution, the state and the people of Pakistan, but many crimes will have to be included in this dossier if this ambitious schemer is thoroughly investigated.


Under these circumstance, if general Musharraf does not resign, it should be understandable. The long arm of law is already closing in on him. He may hide for few more days or weeks in his hide-out, but he is no more out of reach of long arm of law. Finally, the constitution of Pakistan is ready to establish its writ on an outlaw general.





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