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Make It a Unanimous Impeachment

Ruling coalition has finally taken the right step in the right direction at the right time. Further delay would have caused serious harm to ruling coalition, democratic process, and Pakistan.


Since ruling coalition has come out and announced its plan to impeach general Musharraf first by passing a resolution in provincial assemblies and then finally impeachment resolution in joint session of lower and upper house, now it is the responsibility of all members of Senate and NA to impeach general Musharraf unanimously by moving beyond party affiliations. Not only members of the coalition parties should vote for impeachment of general Musharraf the members of Q League, Functional League, MQM should also vote for his impeachment.


A unanimous impeachment vote will put Pakistan on the right track forever. After unanimous impeachment vote no undemocratic force will ever try to play with the fate of Pakistan through unconstitutional acts.   


People can be poor, people can be uneducated, people can be without roof over their heads, but they cannot and they should not be without fairness, equality and nobility as the citizens of Pakistan. Peoplesí honor is what matters the most for human beings. There cannot be a bigger insult to people to violate their honor so belligerently and brazenly like general Musharraf did last 9 years. He has constantly humiliated the people of Pakistan nationally and internationally by using stupid language against them.


By taking impeachment route, coalition government has made a conscious and calculated move against general Musharraf. They still want general Musharraf should exit honorably, although honor is the last word that matters for general Musharraf.


Those who supported general Musharraf for last 9 years they must take a moment and reflect. Did general Musharraf deserve their support? Did they support general Musharraf for personal gains, on higher moral ground, or for right and just political reasons? We are pretty confident if they reflect with sense of fairness they will find their hearts and minds in opposition to their actions over the course of last 9 years.


Therefore, the members of PML (Q), PML (Functional) and MQM should move above their petty political interests and join coalition parties not only to impeach general Musharraf but to punish him for the crimes he committed against the constitution, the state and the people of Pakistan.   


That is the only right thing to do for every parliamentarian no matter which party he belongs to or with whom he has been associated for last 9 years.


Impeachment of general Musharraf will put Pakistan back on constitutional track. Rule of law will re-establish in the country and normal democratic process will restart in the country with full force.




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