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People Want A Meaningful Change

 So far PPP government has failed to bring any meaningful change in peoples' lives. People are gradually getting restless and impatient with PPP government. The one most hurt are PPP's own workers. They feel their dreams, their leader Benazir's dreams, the party founders' dreams are being shattered right by the leaders of PPP who are currently running the show.


Who is in charge? Who is in control? Rehman Malik. When did he join PPP? How he has emerged as the most powerful man in PPP? No one has the clear answers. Unfortunately Mr. Zardari thinks change of few faces on the top is enough. Mr Zardari thinks change of few faces without crucial decisions on crucial issues will make people feel the change has taken place.


But peoples' burdens are much heavier than Mr. Zardari can realize. People do not care who is running the show. Rehman Malik, Farooq Naik, Husain Haqqani may have been accepted to them if General Musharraf would have impeached by now, if judges would have bee restored by now, and commodities would have been available on the market on reasonable prices. Unfortunately, none of this all has taken place other than appointments of Rehman Malik, Farooq Naik, Husain Haqqani and of course, appointment of Dr. Shahid Masood as DG PTV with big fat salary package and long list of perks.


Shahid Masood was doing a good job as TV show host. He brought Pakistan's key issues on the fore front with key actors involved in making or breaking those issues. Mr. Zardari took away a good TV show host by paying big fat salary package to him in order to push big issues Dr. Shahid Masood raised under the rug. Dr. Shahid was part of Prime Minister Gilani's entourage, but he was no where seen. Perhaps he was trying to calm down his conscience somewhere in his hotel room by drinking few bottles of alcohol.


While all these cosmetic activities continue in and around Pakistan, situation is getting graver by the hours inside and around Pakistan. Days and week will further deteriorate the situation.


The sad part of the story is there is no realization at any level.


General Musharraf is as stubborn as ever. He does not want to disappear from the scene regardless of all the disasters he has inflicted on Pakistan. Zardari thinks he has initiated the process to bring desired change in the country without knowing people are getting fed-up with the dance of PPP caricatures at every national and international stage. 


Mian Nawaz Sharif is ready to quit the coalition. Perhaps it is the only right thing to do for Mian Nawaz Sharif as Mr. Zardari has gone back on all his promises. The fact of the matter is PPP has not behaved as a coalition partner. It has taken all decisions on all important issues unilaterally without taking coalition partners in confidence. It has also ignored the issues most important to the hearts and minds of leaders of biggest coalition partner PML (N). General Musharraf has not been impeached and judges have not been restored to the position of November 2, 2007. It is PML (N) which showed all the flexibility on these two issues. PPP has stubbornly maintained its lackluster stand on these two issues. 


May be, PPP leadership can wait for some more time to deal with these pressing issues, but Pakistan's worsening situation demands for severer actions. PML (N) is ready to arrest the moment. Undoubtedly, it should seize the moment. Mr. Zardari can have all the time, but PML (N) should immediately demand to hold parliamentary session and bring resolution on the parliamentary floor to discuss: 1) general Musharraf's impeachment, 2) Restoration of Judges, 3) Situation in FATA, and 4) Runaway prices. If something can be achieved on the parliament floor, fine, otherwise, it should ditch the coalition. Pakistan needs to move forward, Mr. Zardari has all the time, but Pakistan does not.



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