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Red Alert For PPP Leadership: Immediately Restore Judges Without Ifs and Buts


By now everyone knows PPP leadership does not have the guts to get rid of general Musharraf. It may be because of NRO, American pressure or for some other reason, but general Musharraf’s constant presence on the national scene is a bad news for Pakistan. Mr. Zardari has said time and again that PPP does not have soft corner for general Musharraf, but the fact of the matter is it is more than soft corner to find honorable way for general Musharraf’s exit from power.


People of Pakistan hate general Musharraf, Altaf Hussain and Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman, but it is unfortunate these most hated men particularly general Musharraf and Altaf Hussain get the maximum time on Pakistan’s private TV channels. Mere their appearance on private TV channels or news issued with their names is enough to incite people to commit violence.


18th February mandate gave hope to people. They stopped violence because they thought they will not have to see these despicable faces on TV channels or read their statements in newspapers, but their constant appearance has forced people to resort to violence. Suicide attack in Islamabad and 7 explosions in Karachi is a reminder to the forces who are trying to keep general Musharraf, Altaf Hussain and Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman visible on national scene.


As we have pointed out there may be behind the scene reasons which do not allow PPP leadership to get rid of general Musharraf, but there is no justifiable reason to halt restoration of judges.


The judges who took unconstitutional oaths on November 3, 2007 also fall in the category of sub-clause 2 of the article 6 of the constitution of Pakistan. Their unconstitutional oath makes them liable to abet a crime of high treason committed by general Musharraf first on October 12, 1999 and then again on November 3, 2007.


Like general Musharraf, these judges are enjoying the perks and privileges of their offices whereas the judges who tried to protect the constitution answering the call of their conscience are seeking justice in the streets of Pakistan. First they were kept under house arrest for months under general Musharraf’s illegal verbal orders and now they are free, but they still cannot go back to their offices and perform their duty.


The people of Pakistan expect PPP government to issue executive order to ask these judges to return to their offices. Their return to their offices does not need a constitutional package. People believe constitutional package is either a tactic to further complicate the judges’ restoration issue or a ploy to reward the judges who took unconstitutional oath on November 3, 2007.


Revival of new suicide attack in Islamabad and explosion in Karachi show the people are getting frustrated with present regime.


Before things go too far, PPP government should immediately restore judiciary to the position of November 2, 2007 without ifs and buts and avert the situation; otherwise PPP will have to bear the blame for rest of its life for any mishap that can take place in Pakistan in the forced presence of three most hated persons on national scene




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