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Dance of Death and Destruction Continues in Pakistan


While the biggest anarchist, the most hated man in Pakistan, boosts his military prowess and training, the people of Pakistan face an ugly and wild dance of death and destruction continuing on high beats through out the country.


Is there any word strong enough in any language in the world to describe this situation? There may be many words in different languages to describe the current extreme situation of shamelessness, bloodshed, phony condemnations by various dance partners, hypocrisy, lies, deceptions and large scale frauds, but no word can come close to that describes what is happening in the land of the pure—Pakistan.


They all are partners in this dance of death and destruction. Apparently, this dance started 60 years ago since the creation of Pakistan, but it reached to new heights and entered into its wildest phase on October 12, 1999.


Since October 12, 1999 one hundred and sixty million people have entered into a phase of frenzy in which everyone wants to kill the other and condemn each other’s thirst for blood and violence


On the top of the pyramid there is a man known as general Musharraf who can easily be labeled as the biggest anarchist of the modern day world. This criminal became the commander in chief of the so called most disciplined armed forces of the world without anyone taking notice of his limitless abilities to destroy people, institutions, and countries.


He started the dance of death and destruction in Kargil long before he illegally took over Pakistan on October 12, 1999. He openly invites the worst of the people to be part of his dance of death and destruction. His satanic spill is so strong no one can deny his invitation to be part of his dance of death and destruction. He has whole system at his disposal to carry on this satanic dance.


Men in uniform, bureaucrats, politicians, PCO judges, mullahs, business leaders and journalists are ever eager to participate in his wild dance. They all cry, sympathize and condemn, but continue to be part of this satanic dance under one pretext or the other. First technocrats fueled this satanic dance, and then came along the Q League, and now it is Bhutto’s PPP. There is not iota of difference in shamelessness, excuses, deceptive statements and body language. Be it Zardari, Yousaf Raza Gilani or Rehman Malik, they are speaking the same language which people of Pakistan are listening from various residents of Islamabad for the last 9 years.


Will Pakistan survive the calamities of this dance of death and destruction carried on by the biggest anarchist of the modern day world general Musharraf? Some say it will end by 2015. Few more agonizing years, let us hold our breaths and wait for the moment when this satanic dance will stop.


Tailpiece. Syeds and Shahs are as dangerous for Pakistan as other waderas or jigirdars. As a matter of fact there are more syeds and shahs in politics, civil and military bureaucracy than jagirdars and waderas.



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