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Musharraf Is Neither Elected Nor Legal President


General Musharraf’s internal and external supporters are constantly referring to him as elected President.


Javier Solana, High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy,
Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union
said general Musharraf is an elected President and he will complete his 5 year term.


On oath taking ceremony, governor Punjab, a beneficiary of Musharraf presidency, repeated Javier Solana’s words and said any effort to over throw Musharraf will harm democracy in Pakistan.


Many other internal and external supporters of general Musharraf use the same argument to maintain Musharraf presidency for next 5 years.


Is Musharraf an elected President of Pakistan?


No, Musharraf is not an elected President of Pakistan; his presidency is result of series of crimes that he committed against the constitution, the state and the people of Pakistan.


Without repeating the list of series of crimes committed by general Musharraf against the constitution, the state and the people of Pakistan, because everyone in and out of Pakistan knows about those crimes, we would simply say general Musharraf’s constant presence on Pakistan’s political scene is a living symbol of all those crimes which he committed as an Army Chief and afterwards as (illegal) President of Pakistan.


Symbols matter in common folks’ lives. Symbols guide, lead, inspire, motivate and determine peoples’ behavioral patterns and create ripples across social spectrums. We have observed in last 8 years in Pakistan, violations of laws extensively grew, violence became rampant and lawlessness became the haul mark of Musharraf regime. Most of the people who violated laws, who committed violent acts and who propagated violence were directly or indirectly part of Musharraf regime.


Due to this phenomenon, general Musharraf has manufactured and installed dangerous social explosives which can burst anytime and cause severe social strife in and beyond Pakistani borders.


Therefore, it is not a good stance to support Musharraf’s illegal presidency and insist on it’s imposition on Pakistan for next 5 years. Pakistanis have no doubt that general Musharraf is a high profile criminal who has committed series of crimes against the constitution, the state and the people of Pakistan. Supporting him is like supporting a criminal. It does not set well with London’s, Brussels’ or Washington’s image in Pakistan and around the globe. Leaders in London, Brussels and Washington cannot afford or will not support any such criminal in their own countries. Why are they supporting such criminal in Pakistan and why they want him to stay president for next 5 years?


People of Pakistan want Musharraf to be thrown out of his office before anything else. Any fishy deals made by current political set-up  or international forces will have severe backlash in Pakistan.


Therefore, none should push people of Pakistan where they end up taking extreme actions to correct the situation.


Settlement of polemics in civilized matters serves everyone’s interests. Let general Musharraf die his political death, none should hook up oxygen supply lines to save this dieing man. If we cannot punish this high profile criminal at least let us not reward him by giving him another 5 years.



What Laws Against Oath Taking Judges Will Do?


Framers of 1973 constitution included article 6 in 1973 constitution to stop politically motivated generals from making future coups.


Did this article stop such generals from making coup? Did this clause scare general Zia from taking over Pakistan? Did this article scare Musharraf from landing in Pakistan as Chief Executive of the country? No.


If article 6 did not stop politically motivated generals from making coup how addition of another phrase in the constitution will halt judges from taking oaths under PCOs?


Any country’s constitution is only as powerful as its people and institutions are willing to implement it.


Pakistani nation, its national institutions, politicians and people in power failed to implement article 6 of the constitution against general Zia when he violated the constitution and illegally took over Pakistan.


Non-implementation of article 6 in case of general Zia motivated general Musharraf to impose martial law on October 12, 1999.


If people of Pakistan, or their so called representatives, who are not restoring the judiciary, and they are talking about changing the system, and they do not implement article 6, they cannot stop future takeovers.


If anyone is interested in solving this mega problem he should restore the judiciary on the position of November 2, 2007 and let the law take its course. Extend necessary support to law to take hold in the country. If anyone’s neck goes under guillotine, be it general Musharraf’s neck or anyone else’s neck, let it be so.   




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