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Law Must Be Stronger Than The Strongest Man In Pakistan

The simplified formula of judging any country, any society or any people is: the law of the land must be stronger than the strongest men of the land. The merit of the civility of that country, that society, or that people is exactly proportionate to the strength of the law against the strongest people of that country, that society or that people. If this principle effectively works across the board, from top to bottom, it means that country, that society or that people have reached to the level of excellence. If at some point, the strength of law falters vis--vis the strength of the strongest people of the country, the society or the people, that country, that society or that people start sliding downward from excellence.


If we apply this principle on Pakistan, Pakistan is among the lowest countries in the world. If we look at the set of the countries where Pakistan should fit as far as the strength of law is concerned vis--vis the strength of the strongest people, it probably fits somewhere in the set of lowest countries in Africa and Latin American countries. In certain cases, Pakistan is worse than many African or Latin American countries as far as supremacy of the law is concerned.  


Principally, none of the countries is perfect as far as supremacy of law is concerned. Western countries have ideal situation as far as supremacy of law is concerned, but sometimes in Western countries laws can also be bent in favor of powerful people. However, such cases are lesser in Western countries whereas third word countries are rampant with such cases where law does not hold against powerful people of those countries or societies.


Establishment of supremacy of law is only principle which insures social, cultural, economic and political balance in any society or country. Without supremacy of law in any society or country, social, cultural, economic or political balance is almost unimaginable.


When various segments of society view the enforcement of laws across the board, without any discrimination, they learn to appreciate and value the laws. They feel like abiding by those laws as good citizens. When various segments of society view the selective enforcement of laws, discriminately against one set of people, they start violating laws, and appreciation for laws erodes among those people.


Besides discriminatory enforcement of laws, societies also despise and reject discriminatory laws. Discriminatory laws also create loopholes in laws through which powerful people get away with their crimes which again create unrest and lawlessness in societies. Therefore, to maintain societies on just footings, not only laws should be enforced indiscriminately laws should also be in-discriminatory in nature and application.


In Pakistan, there are many men who are stronger than laws. They get away with many crimes because of various privileges they enjoy due to their official positions, their social, cultural and economic stature, or their relations to people with such privileges.


In order to make Pakistan a real state and Pakistani society a just society; Pakistanis have to make sure their laws are stronger than the strongest people in Pakistan. Pakistani media, civil society organizations, legal forums and people working for law enforcement agencies should help each other to insure the supremacy of law in Pakistan, because this is the only way to make Pakistan and ideal country.



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