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The Life of Jinnah


Are Pakistanis Yajooj Majoojs?


Quran has narrated the story of a people who build a wall all day long and then demolish it in the evening. Next morning, they restart building the wall and demolish it again in the evening. This way, they can never finish building the wall.


Pakistanis’ story is not any different. They also keep building and destroying the walls. They have been doing it for the last 57 years and they intend to continue doing it for the next 57 years.


After the creation of Pakistan, they started writing the constitution so that they could build a system. It took them almost 9 years to build the constitution. In 2 more years they were ready to move to the next stage of building the political system around the constitution they had built in 9 years.


A general showed up at the stage and he destroyed everything the nation had built in years.


For next 10 years, the general built the system in his own image. Then, another ghostly, alcoholic general emerged at the scene and he not only destroyed what the previous general had built for 10 years, he also demolished Pakistan.


The poor nation tilled hard for the next 7 years. It again wrote a constitution and tried to build the system around that constitution, but another mentally retarded general emerged at the scene and he destroyed everything. His sick actions made him unbearable. Eventually, destiny intervened and provided relief to fatigued nation of 140 million people.


Now another general, with the quire of self serving politicians, is dancing on the stage. He is also committed to the utter destruction of every thing that keeps a civil society civil and together.


This general has totally destroyed the constitution, the rule of law, the democratic institutions; he has made democratic institutions mad houses where mad politicians always shout--- uniform, uniform and uniform.


The bewildered nation thinks the uniform issue was solved a year ago, but like Yajooj Majooj, they have to deal with the uniform issue again, and again, and again…



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