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Interim Prime Minister, Mr. Shujaat Hussain is speaking about enacting different laws to deal with the people who frame false charges against others and use of loudspeakers in mosques and so on so forth.


The real problem in Pakistan is violation of the article 6 of the constitution of Pakistan. The violators of this law are so powerful, nobody can apprehend and try them in the court of law for breaking this law. Consequently, a lot of other laws get violated. The violation of this law even sets a bad precedence for others who violate various laws.


The other day a TV anchorman asked Mahmood Achakzai of PONM why he does not respect the constitution of Pakistan. He simply stated the fact of Pakistani life. He referred to general Zia’s notorious remarks about the constitution of Pakistan and said, “Agar Pakistan key general constitution ka ihtram nahin kartay to hum nain thaika lay rakha hay keh hum us ka ihtram karain. “


While talking about enactment of new laws, Choudhary Shujaat needs to think this: if powerful people do not respect the present laws on the books they are not going to respect the new laws either. Therefore, instead of enacting new laws the government should make sure the present laws are properly respected and obeyed.


General Musharraf in his embodiment is the living advertisement of violation of the laws of the land.  We all know how did he come in power. We also know which law he broke. We even know the punishment suggested by the constitution of Pakistan for the crime general Musharraf committed.


However, none has the spine in Pakistan to apprehend general Musharraf and try him for the crime he committed. Jamalis and Chaudharies rather take pride in serving him as mere subservient. Right now, the whole system circles around him.


With this kind of scenario, it sounds funny that one should talk about promulgation of new laws. The difference between other countries and Pakistan is: in other countries, laws are made to be respected and obeyed; in Pakistan, laws are made to be broken and disobeyed. Unfortunately, nobody disobeys the laws but the most powerful people in Pakistan.


This is not a new phenomenon either. This is going on in Pakistan for the last 56 years. The nation has yet to figure out the way to deal with those who not only break the law, they also reap the fruits and live thereafter happily. It is indeed a good omen that 45 days Prime Minister Choudhary Shujaat Hussain wants to enforce the laws, the only thing he needs to do is make sure the laws are enforced across the board.


Blaming innocent people with different allegations and getting away with it is a serious social problem, use of unnecessary loudspeakers by mosques is also a menace which Pakistani society must deal with, but bigger problem is the disrespect of the constitution of Pakistan, and that too at the hands of Pakistani generals.


To make Pakistan a country where rule of law prevails, Choudhary Shujaat must make sure that the most powerful are dealt first for breaking the law. Otherwise, this mess will continue in Pakistan forever.


Across the board enforcement of law is a must for making Pakistan a real state.



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